Trinity Graded Examinations

Trinity College London is a leading international exam board whch offers a flexible range of qualifications to suit a variety of teaching and learning styles from music, drama and arts activities to English language — at all levels. Find out more about Trinity College London here.

The qualifications provide a structured framework for learners to develop and refine expertise and confidence in a range of communicative skills that are equally applicable in social, professional and public arenas. These skills are listed as follows:

⚪ verbal and non-verbal communication skills
⚫ conversation and discussion skills
⚪ critical thinking and problem-solving skills
⚫ research and reflection skills
⚪ presentation skills – persuasion and negotiation skills
⚫ planning and preparation skills
⚪ skills in using equipment and materials to aid communication
⚫ interpersonal skills

Our programmes are structured in tandem with the Trinity College London’s syllabus and designed to help children and young teens to develop the aforementioned communication skills at every stage – from Initial to Advanced.

Oral Communication (Group Exam)

Group Exams assess a candidates’ ability to respond to questions, to address a small group on a prepared subject, to give a persuasive address, to work with other candidates to prepare and deliver presentations, to listen carefully and summarise articles read aloud, and to participate in group discussion.

Public Speaking & Oral Communication (Solo Exam)

Solo Exams assess a candidate’s ability to engage with analytical and critical concepts, to persuade, to negotiate, to summarise and to communicate information, ideas and opinions in a variety of contexts.

Students will be prepared to take the Graded Exams which are conducted by examiners from Trinity College London, United Kingdom, typically at the end of semester to assess their ability.

Grade certificates will be awarded to successful candidates by Trinity College London.

In the course of the programme, our students are also learning the skills that are tremendously valuable for their academic and professional advancements:

⚪ self-motivation
⚫ ability to learn and adjust
⚪ working under pressure and to deadlines
⚫ teamwork
⚪ organisational skills
⚫ numeracy
⚪ technology
⚫ valuing diversity and difference

Achieving Excellent Exam Results

From years of teaching communication skills, we bring a wealth of experience conducting Trinity Communication Skills classes running on a proven programme.

For many years our students have been learning with us, and benefiting in ways big and small from that learning experience, this one very important life skill in communication, one that is crucial to doing well in today’s schools and the business world.

Along the way, many of our students have achieved top results in the Trinity Graded Exams and earned many awards as achieving the Highest Distinction among their peers in Singapore, a tremendous testament to the quality of our programme.

Winning Public Speaking Competition

In addition to learning in the classroom, our students also take part in Public Speaking competition to hone their skills. In a recent SPAF 2017 competition, our students performed exceedingly well and won number of top awards and prizes.

Our students winning Golds in the Public Speaking category – SPAF 2017

Our students winning Golds in the Impromptu Speaking category – SPAF 2017