DSA Preparation Course

Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with our DSA Preparation Course! Designed to be interactive, informative, and holistic, this course is specifically tailored for Primary 6 students who aspire to join IP, SIS, and Express secondary schools. Led by our esteemed founder, Jackeline Carter, who has been preparing students for DSA since 2010, this course offers a comprehensive understanding of what secondary schools are looking for in a candidate.

Our DSA Preparation Course goes beyond academics, providing a wide range of activities to prepare students for both academic and non-academic talent areas. Jackeline Carter’s extensive experience and insight into the DSA process ensures that students receive the most up-to-date and relevant guidance.

Throughout the 10-week course, students will delve into various areas, including matching schools and domains, submitting online applications, honing presentation and impromptu speaking skills, engaging in group discussions, developing problem-solving abilities, crafting compelling personal statements, mastering interview etiquette, and excelling in interviews. With Jackeline Carter’s expertise and guidance, students will be equipped with the skills and confidence necessary to shine during the DSA process.

To enhance the learning experience, students will have access to up-to-date course materials, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. Each session lasts 90 minutes and promises a combination of fun and education, with many students finding the programme enjoyable and rewarding.

As places are limited, priority will be given to current students enrolled in the Trinity College London Communication Skills Programme. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock your potential and pave your way to success in the DSA process. Join our exciting and interactive DSA Preparation Course today and let us help you pave the path to your dream secondary school!