“I still remember the time I was a timid, soft-spoken lower secondary school student. Ms Jackeline guided me in a journey that built up my self-confidence and esteem. She has truly changed me for the better. I have completed grade 8 of the Trinity College Exam and now I am in secondary four and an active member of the executive committee in the Prefectorial Board of St Gabriel’s Secondary. Without the valuable life skills such as public speaking and interview skills, I probably would have lacked the confidence to challenge myself and be better than what I am.”

Julian Tay

“Thank you so much for your guidance and support.

Without your help, I would not have been a good public speaker. It is due to your belief in me that I achieved a distinction in my Grade 3 examination. Once again, thank you and have a great Teacher’s Day!”

Aarya Berthier

“Hello, my name is Joshikha Madhav. I am 9 years old. When I joined in June 2010 I was nervous and scared. Our trainer Ms. Jackeline gave me a warm welcome which melted my nervousness.

Ms. Jackeline is full of enthusiasm all the time. She laughs, talks, cracks jokes and most importantly encourages and motivates us. We debated on various complicated topics and gained insight on various current happening. Ms Jackeline taught us in a way that even we 9 year olds can understand those topics. It is because of her continuous support throughout the programme I passed out with high distinction in my Grade 3 exams and emerged as an overall top student.

Now I have no stage fright and a good public speaker. Thank you Ms. Jackeline.”

Joshikha Madhav
11 December 2010

“My name is Ng Ying Yi. I am nine years in 2010 and I like to share with you how I feel about the Public Speaking course at Academy IG.

The first lesson I attended was on March 2009 when I was in Primary two. I had a feeling of complexity. I felt anxious, lack of confidence, nervous and shy. However, the moment I saw instructor Jackeline, I heaved a sign of relief. She is patient, helpful, diplomatic and best of all, encouraging! I clearly remembered once when my phonic pronunciation was weak and in a mess, she taught me the skills and gave lots of encouragement throughout the course. Thanks to her effort, I learned that as long as there is someone who cares, guides and give encouragement, it will be easy to regain the confidence in the child.

I spent eight months continuously to learn public speaking skills prior taking the Grade 2 Trinity Guildhall Examination in Communication. Academy IG is a good learning centre. I like the centre. It has a cooling and comfortable environment. The staff are friendly, helpful, and they show care and concern for the children. I made the right choice to enrol in Academy IG to learn Public Speaking.

I completed my Grade 2 exam on 6 November 2009. I am elated with my achievement in getting a distinction. The hard work I put in together with the instructor’s excellent training skills has paid off. Many thanks and appreciations to instructor Jackeline for her effort and support .Today, I am a better person; I have regained my confidence and pride when delivering school presentations and participating in oral discussions.”

Ng Ying Yi
Age 9 CHIJ St Nicholas Girls’ School

“It helps us in Public Speaking and teaches us to conquer our fears and stage fright.”

Shan Ning Yee
10 years old (Rosyth School)

“I found out how to speak in front of an audience.”

Vera Chiew
11 years old (CHIJ Toa Payoh)

“The programme really helped me improve my public speaking skills. The games were really fun and I enjoyed them. What I learnt in this programme is a lot! I thoroughly enjoyed this programme.”

11 years old (Raffles Girls Primary School)

“It allows me to learn more about presentation skills and there are games to reinforce this. Also, I can practice doing a speech in front of a small audience weekly.”

Justyn Oh
14 years old (SJI Independent)

“It helps boost my confidence and improve my public speaking skills.”

Ng Yan Khai Ryan
(Nanyang Primary School)

“Not only does this programme gives me tips on public speaking, I have also learnt how to ‘break the ice’ with new classmates.”

Jessica Tedja
13 years old (Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Secondary School)