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Trainer – Jackeline Carter

“Self-discipline leads to success but communication skills is the key that opens the doors to opportunities.”

Since 2008, Jackeline Carter has been emphasising the importance of learning the skill of communication for children from the age of 6 because “it’s easier to learn to speak confidently when one is young before one becomes too self-conscious about being judged by others”.

The idea to start a centre focusing on communication skills for children and teens came about after having taught hundreds of tertiary students and having to fail many of them for poor presentation skills. “Six years of listening to highly intelligent students who could not bring across their message effectively made me realised that there was a need to groom students in the art of public speaking. This needs to be done as early as possible before they embarked on the road to higher education where nearly every course a student takes involved some form of speaking or presentation in groups or as an individual.”

Even before her role as a Singapore Polytechnic lecturer, she worked as a corporate trainer and recruitment manager for several organisations. “It used to pain me when I had to sit across from university graduates who could not even tell me why they wanted to work for the company. They had excellent academic results but their lack of interactive speaking skills made it impossible to hire them especially since most jobs require people skills.”

Another reason for starting her centre is to groom a generation of inspiring speakers who are able to make a difference in society through the art of diplomacy. The only asset Singapore has being a small nation without any natural resources, is its people. “We survived because we are able to be friends with as many countries as possible. If we focus only on academics and sacrifice learning the art of dealing with other people in a sensitive and tactful way, how will we succeed in this global economy?”

That is why, in 2009, Jackeline started preparing students for the International Certificate in Communication Skills by Trinity College London. A holistic approach to learning communication skills that not only focus on public speaking, interactive speaking and listening skills but also encourages positivity, empathy and confidence in every student.

To add further value to the learning of communication skills, Jackeline published her first book in 2014 aptly titled, “Success Strategies for Direct School Admissions (DSA) to guide parents on preparing their children for entry to Integrated Programme and Specialist secondary schools. The selection process for these schools places huge emphasis on the ability of the students to communicate fluently and succinctly to a panel of interviewers thus securing that much coveted spot in a top school. Having successfully coached students since 2010 through the DSA process, Jackeline is viewed by the media as an expert in this area.

Jackeline is an honours graduate from the University of Texas at El Paso (majoring in English and American Literature with a minor in General Business). A recipient of two University scholarships, she was also awarded the ‘Most Outstanding International Student” Award for her high Academic Achievements and her contributions to the University and the Community upon graduation. Since then she has constantly upgraded her skills and has acquired a Diploma in Human Resource Development from Singapore Institute of Management, a Diploma in Teaching English from Singapore Polytechnic and a Professional Certificate in Communication Skills from Trinity College London. The College Reading and Learning Association in the area of Study Skills also certified Jackeline as a Master Tutor. She is also certified to teach the following programs, Jolly Phonics, Jolly Grammar, EQ4kids and EQ4TEENS.

Jackeline’s passion and commitment to her students’ success makes her a favourite among many parents. Her ability to select and groom other like-minded trainers also ensures that her vision is never compromised.

Shirin Seah

Trainer – Shirin Seah

Driven by her love of the performing arts and inspired by the infinite possibilities that they bring, Shirin shares this very passion through her teaching work. She believes that drama is transformative in addition to being fun and enjoyable and can play a role in enhancing the life skills of students.

As an educator, she has conducted a variety of drama courses and workshop, helping students build confidence, develop character and hone critical thinking and communication skills. With teenagers, she has used drama to bring to life and deepen their understanding of literature texts, as well as taught students to devise their own performances and to deliver them effectively. She has taught children from 3 years all the way to 15 years old.

She is an honours degree graduate of the Theatre Studies programme at the National University of Singapore and a diploma graduate of the Theatre Arts programme at Lasalle College of the Arts. She is also a recipient of the Raffles Hotel Gold Medal for Theatre Studies.

Other than teaching, she has worked backstage on productions for local theatre companies in the areas of stage management, wardrobe and crewing.

For leisure, she enjoys reading, listening to music, watching plays and visiting museums.

Kat Ng

Trainer – Kat Ng

Kat Ng is a speech and drama teacher with a passion for stage performance. As an educator, she believes public speaking is much more than a subject to excel in; it is an integral part to the development of a well rounded individual.

Kat’s experience with public speaking extends outside the classroom. She has planned and facilitated a variety of educational art and heritage workshops at various cultural locations like the Singapore Art Museum, Singapore River, Fort Canning Park and Gardens by the Bay.

Kat has also taught English speech and drama overseas in Dalian, China to students with English as their second language.

Besides teaching speech and drama, Kat has also taught visual art to children of ages ranging from 3 to 12.

On top of teaching in the classroom, Kat has also been extremely involved in the curriculum planning of the various classes and workshops she has conducted.

An artist at heart, Kat aspires to be a theatre practitioner in the local theatre scene.

Kat is a diploma graduate from Temasek School of Design and has also attained a distinction for the Trinity College London Advanced Level Certificate in Graded Examination in Speech and Drama.

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