The mindset on education is quietly shifting

Rapid technological advances and major transformations in the working world are requiring our young people to learn how to think critically and creatively, to articulate ideas clearly, and to collaborate effectively with diverse group of people.

To keep pace, educating our children will require learning, beyond the contents in traditional textbooks, a broader range of skills in communication, problem solving, creativity, and teamwork.

From around the world, educators are citing these skills as the educational goals with communication among the most frequently cited skills. This new thinking in education is emerging and gaining momentum for changes that will shape the education landscape of tomorrow.

(Center for Universal Education – Brookings Institution)

Graded programme in communication skills

At J Carter Centre, our communication skills programmes are structured in tandem with the Trinity College London’s syllabus and designed to help children and young teens to develop a broad range of communication skills. Our students are prepared to take the Graded Exams conducted by examiners from Trinity College London to assess their ability for progression to the next grade.
With years of teaching communication skills, we bring a wealth of experience conducting Trinity classes running on a time-tested and continuously retooled programme. Our students have done exceedingly well and earned many awards as achieving the Highest Distinction among their peers in Singapore.

For many years now, our students have been learning with us, and benefiting in many ways from that learning experience, the one very important life skill in communication, one so crucial to doing well in today’s schools and the working world. We hope many more will join us going forward.