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Public Speaking Holiday Workshop is a foundation course for students from K2 to SEC-3. It is a programme that introduces students to what Public Speaking is all about. It also allows us to determine the ability of each student in order to place them in the correct grade for the Trinity Communication Skills programme or LAMDA Communication Skills Programme. Students will also receive a personal “Before and After” video at the end of the course and feedback on their abilities or areas that need improvements.



■ Speech Writing
■ Conversation skills
■ Storytelling Skills
■ Show & Tell
■ Presentation Skills

Creative Writing Workshop

This writing workshop teaches young children to use their ‘mind’s eye’ to imagine, plan and write with creative stories.
Some children have difficulty visualising so they have difficulties with comprehension, planning and imaginative writing. They also have problems forming mental pictures of what you are trying to teach them.
Visualisation is a crucial skill which we need to teach young children. This workshop teaches children to create powerful images, stories and ideas in their brains to order to increase their imagination storehouse and help them to access their ‘mind’s eye’ when learning and writing.
This Level 1 writing workshop will improve your child’s ability to visualise and think creatively.
Materials used in this workshop has been designed by Victoria Carlton, founder of the International Centre for Excellence. Victoria Carlton is a talented international educator with over 30 years of teaching experience at all levels.
This workshop will use the following techniques to help children develop their imagination, creativity and writing skills:



■ Power of Visualisation
■ Journaling
■ Sensory writing using Art and Music
■ Story discussions – Q & A
■ Rave-On writing
■ Written conversation
■ Story and Picture Presentation
■ Brain Gym Exercises

2019 Holiday Classes

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2019 Holiday Classes

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